Abandoned By Love, She Left One Last Message He Will Never Forget



There was a time when she put lipstick on for him. When the selfie of her in lingerie was a teaser of the night to come.

But that was before lover became loved.


Before the glittering ring on her finger transformed from beacon of hope to heart-wrenching reminder.

He may have abandoned her, but she can’t seem to stop reliving the past.


The relationship is over, but she’s going to leave him one final message. He won’t be able to look away.

Watch ‘Not Ever’ by Ben Mourra (United Kingdom) on Viddsee:

Featuring a talented cast and crew including Emilia Fox (Game of Thrones) and an original score from Roger O’Donnell of The Cure, ‘Not Ever’ was a successfully backed Kickstarter project by Australia-born director, Ben Mourra. Read more about the director’s thoughts here.

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