Abandoned, This Girl Sets Sail To Becoming Her Own Woman


The Blanket ss2 krk

Her father returned home with fishes everyday. She ate fish everyday. But there’s only so much fish one can take.

One day, he left for the sea like every other day, but he did not return.

The Blanket ss3 krk

She’s left to fend for herself.

The once-overbearing, suffocating blanket of love, fishes, and expectations becomes a distant memory.

The Blanket ss1 krk

She sets sail, looking to the vastness of the sea just like another blanket.

Here’s her search for her father.

Watch ‘The Blanket’ by Putssarapon Tamphanon (Thailand) on Viddsee:

‘The Blanket’ won the regional grand prize at the TBS Digicon 6 in Thailand and the Payut Ngaokrachang Award at the Thai Short Film & Video Festival.

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