She Escaped The Tyranny Of Home & Found Someone Who Understood


Across The Straits SS2

Hui and Meng are two young adults who live very different lives, in different countries – Malaysia and Singapore. They’re directly across the Johor Straits.

Yet their circumstances are the same: trying to break out of the mould their parents have set for them.

It’s a small rebellion, but not an unusual one.

Across The Straits SS3

Hui resents her mum’s new boyfriend, Meng wishes his father would accept that studying animation isn’t such a bad thing.

Both try to assert independent of thought, and device ways to escape the tyranny of home.

The two troubled youths meet in Meng’s hometown, a small, charming seaside town.

Across The Straits SS1

They find solace in each other, despite their different backgrounds and sense of humour.

It’s a real blast. Fireworks are involved!

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Ai Leng explains that Meng’s backstory was inspired by friend’s short story ‘The Provision Shop Son’ (杂货店儿子), while Hui’s character was inspired by Jason Mraz’s song ‘Love for a Child’.

If you’re wondering why Antoine de Saint Exupery’s ‘The Little Prince’ is quoted in this short film, read Ai Leng’s interview here with SINdie.

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