Every Time He Sees Her, It Destroys Him. But He Can’t Stop.


Hooked SS2 sized KRK

He loved love, like a broken, drunken man.

Jaeseung was seeking answers. His world was a dream. He had love, a home, a life worth living. Love was an addiction, a fantasy. He wanted it all the time.

Hooked SS1 sized KRK

Love kept him going. Then it all fell apart.

Desperate and in denial, he turns to his friend to forget the sadness. He escaped, again and again, into that dream world. A beautiful world, but the same, sad, painful cycle.

Love kept him going, and going.

Watch ‘Hooked’ by Stuart Howe (South Korea) on Viddsee:

Viewer discretion: Contains depiction of drug use

Stuart’s short film was the Grand Prize Winner and Best Drama winner at The Smalls International Film Festival in London. It also won an Audience Award at the Premiers Courts Film Festival in France.

It was in official selections for Hollywood Shorts, Shanghai Film Festival Mobile Awards, Kuala Lumpur International Festival, LES International Film Festival, Vimeo Awards and at the Korean American Film Festival.

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