This Mechanic Specialised In “Dirty” Cars. What A Spooky Ride!


Strange Mechanic SS4 KRK

Buckle up, hang on to your seats. Here’s an exorcism at 180km/hr!

A problematic, “dirty” car arrived at Auto Boy’s workshop. It had recurring problems that no mechanic in town could fix. Auto Boy knew that the problem wasn’t mechanical — it was spiritual.

Watch ‘The Strange Mechanic’ by Black Cat (Malaysia) on Viddsee:

‘The Strange Mechanic’ is part of a horror anthology in three parts. The other two awesome horror flicks are ‘Turnover’ by Leroy Low and ‘Delete’ by Sidney Chan.

Protip: Check if you have a spare change of pants if you intend to watch all three in the series.

Also by Black Cat is another mysterious character who solves puzzles nobody else can. Watch this crime thriller ‘The Strange Detective’ on Viddsee

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