I Started Believing In God, So I Had Someone To Call ‘Father’.


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This animated documentary is based on five true stories after fatherhood, childhood, and human relationships.

Fathers formed their worlds; they thought the world of them. And yet they can be so absent, so distant, and so stubborn. And so human.

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Long after they’re gone, and long after the ship has left and when the kite has fallen, all that remains is a strange attachment of longing and complete rejection.

The early days of childhood is the most magical; then there’s conflict, unspoken words, the realisation that father is also human. All these are revisited in a stark emotional landscape in each memory nugget.

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It explores a stunning emotional expanse, to the deepest depths regret: “I started believing in God, so I had someone to call ‘father’.”

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Directed by Ivan Bogdanov, Moritz Mayerhofer, Asparuh Petrov, Veljko Popovic, Rositsa Raleva, Dmitry Yagodin. ‘Father’ screened at over 100 film festivals worldwide.

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