He Was Afraid To Step Outside. Now He’s Locked Out, Scared.


The Man Who Was There SS_04

Meet Phong. Enclosed in his safe space, he has not left his apartment in 8 years. Everyday, his schedule is punctuated with these highlights – 8am morning starts, 68 precise toothbrush strokes, and 2 hour TV-watching sessions.

So adverse is he to change that even though caffeine gives him nose bleeds, he drinks tea that he hates – simply because he bought it in bulk to save money.

The Man Who Was There SS_03

His solitary existence comes to a crashing halt with the slamming of his door when he is accidentally locked out of his apartment on Christmas Day.

“No man is an island”, as John Donne wrote it, and Phong is forced to accept the help of Rita, the apartment manager, who shows him how life outside his four walls is much more than simply existing.

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