Alone And Drifting, He Was The Anchor She Didn’t Know She Was Looking For


h=1:2gt² Dan Shi Huang SS_03

Hers was a lonely life. From playing arcade games to ditching school, she never has company by her side.

So it’s no surprised she’s developed a slight attitude – a surly bark that is as good as her bite.

After all, she’s so used to being invisible. A mere afterthought in the public’s eye.

h=1:2gt² Dan Shi Huang SS_06

Yet while waiting for the bus one cold night, the unexpected happens.

She finds herself the centre of attention of a boy. He’s fascinated.

h=1:2gt² Dan Shi Huang SS_02

And in fact offers his scarf when he sees her freezing… the first human contact she receives in a while.

h=1:2gt² Dan Shi Huang SS_04

Thus begins a slow burn friendship filled with the exciting discovery that she doesn’t need to be alone anymore…

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