She’s Telling Her Son All She Thought She Knew. If Only He Was There.


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This elderly lady has cooked up a feast for lunch, inspired by the pregnant woman she saw at the market. A memory came back to her — bitter gourd.

She returns home and makes lunch for two, and regales her son about the story behind the bitter gourd, happenings in the village, changes in life, the rising prices of food, and so on. He listens quietly, not saying a word.

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She digs out an old album and lovingly ticks off familiar faces of her youth, her family, and the family she grew. Beautiful moments, beautiful people. Still, not a word.

But, when it comes to the matter of a family portrait she’s been meaning to take, his face changes.

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There’s a look in his eyes. Her monologue on abundance and blessings is startling at this point, because this was when she woke up from her stupor.

The truth was revealed.

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