An Envious & Affection-Deprived Teenager Takes It Out On A Little Girl


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“Because she never cried, I never cried.”

Hanin shares a rather strange relationship with her mother. They work together at a butcher house, but not as mother and daughter, but more like a boss and a subordinate. Hanin craves affection, but her mother hardly ever shows emotion.

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The same trait has cascaded into Hanin too. There are many things she feels, but never expresses.

And it all comes tumbling out the day a 6-year-old visits the butcher house with her mother and beloved doll. They present the perfect family picture — something that Hanin can only dream of. Envy creeps up within her and takes an ugly turn.

The little girl’s precious doll gets lost. It had belonged to her mother. They’re both distraught.

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Was this a deliberate, direct provocation?

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