Animation For Adults, A Collection Of The Morbid, Gory And Perverse


Morbid, gory, grotesque and perverse, this is a collection for adults only with themes of death, oppression, faith and challenging questions about humanity and identity.


Moriendo afa ss1 krk.jpg

With sadness, despair and desperation, this story begins with a forsaken soul speaking to the Grim Reaper boldly, inviting him to take what was dead a long time ago. But she’s played a crueller card, in the face of Death. Watch: ‘Moriendo’ by Andrey Pratama (Indonesia)


Chainsaw Maid afa krk.jpg

This is a decade-old classic, a gory claymation about a housemaid who slays a horde of zombies to save a household, with glorious spills of guts and brains. Watch ‘Chainsaw Maid’ by Takena Nagao (Japan)


In The Tall Grass afa krk.jpg

The human mind is a container of horrors, and in this short film, an imprisoned man lives a shrill, feverish and fearful life, struggling and repressing his desires for a little girl. Watch ‘In The Tall Grass’ by Alexii Muftoll (Israel)


If I Were A Man afa krk.jpg

There’s nothing forbidden or profane about wondering how different life could be as a man, as these five women were asked in this documentary animation, which ends with a surprising revelation about individual identity and society. Watch ‘If I Were A Man’ by Margo Reumont (Belgium)


Twin Girls afa krk.jpg

These evil twin grandmas with a perverse relationship run a medicine shop filled with potions made of human parts. A boy they kidnapped find out the chilling truth about their trade, and barely manages to escape. Watch ‘The Twin Girls of Sunset Street’ by Marc Riba & Anna Solanas (Spain)


Mouth afa.jpg

The self-sacrificial nature of parenting is played out in this story, with its twisted mother-child relationship that ends with a chilling crucifixion. Watch ‘Mouth’ by Yulia Koritni (Israel)


Rootless Heart afa krk.jpg

Young children who are lured into this abandoned building find themselves haunted by creepy wooden limbs, and mannequins who rob them of their human hearts. Watch ‘Rootless Heart’ by Toshiko Hata (Japan)


Tale of a Rebellious Stone afa ss1 krk.jpg

A sculptor who lives beside a brothel finds that his devotion and dedication of the same pitch and fervour. At its climax, the two neighbours transcend in unison, in the flesh and soul. Watch ‘Tale of Rebellious Stone’ by Ng Kai-chung & Ng Tsz-ching (Hong Kong)

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