An Anxious Man Retraces His Paces To When Summer Was Forever


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A Walk In August ss8 krk.jpg

He walked to rid himself of anxiety, a restless spirit within him refused to stay still.

Now retired and living the best of his autumn years, even his wife was clueless about what he actually did on the streets.

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But pacing streets, he found two schoolboys who looked like they came from his childhood.

Just two regular boys who squabbled about homework and dreamt about the future together, never once imagining they would be without each other.

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But as that magical forever summer ended, he realised that he could not step in the same rivers twice, and that he wouldn’t need to chase his guilt forever.

Watch ‘A Walk In August’ by Naonori Fukazawa (Japan) on Viddsee:

‘A Walk In August’ won the Yamagata Prefectural Governor Prize at the Yamagata International Movie Festival in 2015 and the Bronze Awards at the Spotlight Short Film Awards in 2015.

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