This Pretty Girl Stopped A Stranger On The Street For An Extraordinary Favour


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What were your first lessons in love?

A young Jewish girl asks a charming street musician for a guitar lesson. They meet the next day, after school.

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He leads her to his simple and humble home, with a view of the city.

She gets her first guitar lesson, her first drag on a cigarette, and although it’s a stretch to call what they have love, she also has her first lesson in love.

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The first guitar lesson was free.

The other lessons? Rejection. And walking away, gracefully.

Watch ‘First Lesson In Love’ by Tomer Werechson (Israel) on Viddsee:

‘First Lesson In Love’screened at film festivals in the US, the UK, Greece, and Malta.

It won the Platinum Award at the Wasaga Beach Film Festival in Ontario, the Award of Excellence at the Say It In Eight Film Festival in Illinois, Best Short Film and Best Actor at the Hibulb Cultural Center Film Festival in Washington.

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