Every Conversation With Mum Ended In A Fight, So He Hid In His Room


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Of course his mum was mad. Fuming mad.

This guy has exiled himself voluntarily. He lives in his room, emerging only for the necessities — but only when nobody else is around.

His habits are frowned upon by his family, but their hands are tied. It’s a lifestyle choice he wants for himself and it works perfectly fine for him.

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He enjoys the independence, he glorifies the lifestyle, he is self-sufficient. There is nothing he can’t do. But one night while sneaking out to replenish his water supplies, he gets into a confrontation with his mom.

It’s not fair to be treated like a hotel, checking in and checking out of family life as he pleases.

Hikikomori ss3 rwte krk

He snaps. They both snap.

He checked out of family life long ago, but the family hasn’t left him.

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