Asked To Live By “Love Thy Brother”, These Guys Really Did


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Asked to live by “love thy brother”, these guys truly did. They kissed. The teacher was shocked. They meant it.

Ten years after high school, Jae and Him meet again. They had parted ways with harsh words and bruised egos. Neither one of them wanted to start the conversation first.

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Then, Him got drunk and Jad had to drive him home.

They had a complicated, intimate relationship that they didn’t question as teens. They had so much history, so much memories: watching porn with Jae’s dad walking in on them, dating women, getting into fights, stubbornly defying authorities.

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Throughout the journey home, there were several stop-go moments where they thought it was possible to relive the past, but even they hesitated at a love hotel.

And then drove past.

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The decisions Jae and Him made 10 years ago, and the decisions they made tonight were choices that they will wonder about for a long time. And just maybe, neither one of them really expected their relationship to last forever.

You can’t undo the past, and just maybe you can’t un-love someone. But you can walk away.

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