At Death’s Door, Her Kindness Gave Him A Reason To Keep Fighting



Adrian is losing hope. He has contracted AIDS and his body is slowly failing. The constant in-and-out treatments at the hospital yielded no positive change.

His struggle to live a full life given his conditions made him very bitter and angry. He was the hospital’s worst patient.


But when a new nurse steps in, Adrian’s attitudes towards his life are challenged. His angry and self-deprecating attitude didn’t seem to hurt her.

Instead, she was steadfastly kind and caring to him. She seemed to sincerely care about his well being, beyond her call of duty.


As he gets closer to his new friend, he suspects that not all is what it seems with her, especially the constant bruises on her arm.

They’re both hiding secrets. It’s not one that he wishes to take to the grave.

Watch ‘Caritas’ by Ariel Buenaventura Il (Philippines) on Viddsee:

‘Caritas’ was a thesis film that was a finalist at the 2015 MMFF Summer Student Film Festival and 2016 Singkuwento International Film Festival.

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