His Misunderstood Autistic Brother Had A Secret


Guang Feature Film Flength SS6

Nobody understood him, not even his own brother.

Guang is autistic. He and his brother try to adjust to life and a financially strained household.

He’s tasked to look for a job, but gets waylaid by what matters to him most — his music. It’s a secret that nobody else understands except for him.

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What his brother wants from him and what he wants are starkly different.

He takes off to find an elusive item that will complete himself.

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In the end, they both find a sweet, sweet release.

Here’s that beautiful tale.

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‘Guang’ was based on a true story from Quek’s life experiences with his brother.

It was screened and awarded internationally, and won three awards and the Grand Prize Winner at the BMW Shorties in Malaysia.

Quek on the film, and his brother: “I am 26 years old this year. My elder brother who is 2 years older has Autism and we grew up and lived together till today. Guang is loosely based on him. My brother also has absolute pitch and is able to identify musical tones with ease. Read the rest of the interview here.

Quek’s team is working on a feature film based on the same story!

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