You Can Ban Food Globally, But Singaporeans Will Find A Way To Feast!


It’s the year 2025 and all food has been banned and replaced with PHood, a synthetic and safe meal substitute. It was a global decision when the public started dying from a mystery food-borne virus seven years ago.

PHood is artificial and flavourless; a dreary replacement for taste buds accustomed to richer flavours. And in Singapore, a country obsessed with food, this simply won’t do!

The series begins when KP Chia, a former food host, chances upon a mysterious bag of rice.

Watch ‘No PHeast, Just PHamine’, Ep 1 of Republic Of Food >>

After following the clues, KP discovers the Underground Food Club (UFC), a group of hungry foodies who have banded over highly illegal underground feasts.

Watch ‘Tau Geh Wonderland’, Ep 2 of Republic Of Food >>

Having a taste of real food again leaves KP a changed man. But when somebody notices, will this lead to the illegal secret being exposed?

Watch ‘PHishing’, Ep 3 of Republic Of Food >>

Caught with their mouths full, the UFC reluctantly allows a new member into their team. As the saying goes, too many cooks spoil the broth, and one careless photograph catapults them to viral infamy.

Watch ‘Crab Happens’, Ep 4 of Republic Of Food >>

With half the UFC on the lam and the other in handcuffs, KP devises a highly unusual plan to save his friends.

Watch ‘Kok Kok Keh’, Ep 5 of Republic Of Food >>

The roots of the global food ban are shaken when KP shares the true meaning and reason for eating.

Watch ‘Mee Rebus’, Ep 6 of Republic Of Food >>

Will real food ever return to dinner tables? Watch this web-series by Kelvin Tong to find out!

‘Republic of Food’ was originally conceived as a movie and screened in SG cinemas. This is the first time it has been recut as a web-series and made available online.

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