Bathroom Horror Flick From Malaysia Is Viddsee Shortee For March 2015


Delete by Sidney Chan Viddsee Shortee March 2015 KRK

This is the short film you loved most in February!

‘Delete’ by Sidney Chan tells the story of four stubborn girls who break into an abandoned bathroom in pursuit of an urban legend.

Undeterred by a note of caution by a security guard, nor the niggling suspicions of being haunted, they find themselves harassed by a mysterious presence after stealing a pink camera from the premises.

Delete by Sidney Chan SS3 Viddsee Shortee March 2015 KRK

The horror that followed had us squirming in our seats.

We highly recommend watching this in the dead of the night.

Watch ‘Delete’ by Sidney Chan (Malaysia) on Viddsee:

‘Delete’ is part of the 3 Doors of Horror anthology produced by Doghouse73 Pictures.

For filmmakers: Submit your film here to stand a chance being the next Viddsee Shortee.

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