This Hiroshima Survivor Doesn’t Carry Hate, Just Love In Her Heart



50 years after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the world talks about how blessed it has been since the dropping of the two atomic bombs. Rightfully so, as the devastation of the two cities remain unparalleled in modern history.


Here’s a personal account of the day the bomb dropped from Bun Hashizume. Now at the age 84, she shares the story of her life before and after the world-changing event.

Before she became a global statistic, she was a young 14 year old with a poetic eye, dreams of the future, and a crush on her friend.


Though she’s suffered after Hiroshima, this inspiring woman doesn’t carry vengeful thoughts for the people who dropped the bomb.


Rather, as a grandmother with her own family now, she carries hope and love in her heart, grateful for having been a witness to human’s triumphant spirit.

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