1 in 5 Singaporean Teens Would Consider Plastic Surgery!


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Are you happy with how you look?

A survey on beauty and self perception among Singaporean teens found that eight in 10 teenagers would change how they look; and one in five would consider plastic surgery.

Are these today’s beauty norms, or expectations? How are today’s teens influenced by social media? More in the documentary below, including thoughts such as by male teen pageant winner Brice Tan:

“Character building isn’t difficult. It’s easy to be a nice person. However, looking good, going to the gym.. takes effort and deserves some recognition.”

Watch ‘A Beautiful Mind’ by Justin Chen (Singapore) on Viddsee:

Media plays a big part in self perception, and for today’s teens, social media influences and affirms their notions of beauty. Features male teen pageant winner Brice Tan, Miss Personality 2012 winner Goh Yiling, and fashion media student and blogger Joey Low.

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