Before Cold-Brew, There Was Just Kopi. Here’s The Last Of Kopitiams.


Simi Kopitiam SS_03

Dark and rich kopi. Perfectly toasted slices of kaya bread. Springy noodles served dry or in soup. To Singaporeans, that is the classic kopitiam experience.

Casual, simple, easy.

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But the life behind these traditional coffee shops is an unforgiving one.

On your feet 12 hours daily, 365 days a year, you’d be signing over your life to take on the task. And the cast of this documentary proves it, each of the kopitiam owners boasting over 30 years behind the counter.

Simi Kopitiam SS_01

They worked to earn money so their children could have a better life. So what happens should their kids choose a different path?

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Against the skyscrapers that tower Singapore’s skyline with a plethora of Michelin star restaurants, hipster cafes and international food chains, does the unassuming and generations-old kopitiam have a future?

Watch ‘Simi Kopitiam’ by June Cheong (Singapore) on Viddsee:

This project is funded by iRememberSG, as part of Singapore Memory Project for SG50.

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