Before She Was A Zombie Slayer, She Was Just A Girl In Love


Yoko of the Dead SS_06

Yoko is the stuff of legends. She’s “Hell Girl”, the manga comic katana-wielding heroine doomed to kill her immortal lover. And as a pair of wandering lovers find out, the real deal, after she saves them from a near-deadly brush with a zombie.

Yoko of the Dead SS_01

While her fortuitous presence was a lucky stroke for the couple, it also means fiction is very much fact and the heart-wrenching details that transformed her boyfriend to the walking undead are unveiled.

Yoko of the Dead SS_02

Yoko of the Dead SS_04

Yoko of the Dead SS_05

Turns out in her quest to save her lover, she was the one who condemned him to become this monstrosity. And now she has to make one last cut to save him again…

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