Twenty Years Ago, He Betrayed His Brother. Karma Was Not Forgiving.



Two robbers served time in prison for a robbing a bank, but both never got their hands on the stolen money.

Hon accused Cheung Yung of stashing away the money while escaping, yet the latter maintained it was in the hands of the police.


There’s no honour among thieves, but the brothers became sworn enemies post-confrontation.

Twenty years later, Hon has passed away, and Cheung Yung is a free man.


The secret of the missing money finally comes exposed when Cheung Yung is kidnapped and staring down a barrel of a gun, held by none other than Hon’s son.


Karma bit back, and all Cheung Yung’s sins came to light.

Watch ‘Righteousness’ (不義) by Ho Cheuk Tin (Hong Kong) on Viddsee:

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