For A Better World, They Fought To Break Conventions


Claire and her team at DBS know their work is far from done when it comes to creating impactful change. From fast fashion to a cost-effective solution for home-based physical therapy, this time round, the motivations are more personal to Claire.


Can Trash Be More Than Trash?

While at a fashion show, the team meets Sabrina Chia, a designer who aims to make sustainable clothes out of recycled goods. Despite being privileged and offered world-class opportunities and education, she defies her parents’ wishes for her to abandon her dream.


The fashion industry is one of the largest polluters in the world, second to the oil industry. As a designer, she wants to create a more sustainable line that will help and not hurt the industry. Her parents, on the other hand are ashamed that she chooses to work with ‘trash’ rather than become a renowned fashion designer.


Sabrina and her team set out to prove to her parents that her dreams will create meaningful and sustainable change. Will they believe that what their princess is actually making from trash can be treasure?

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The Keys To Our Future Also Lies In Our Past

Claire’s father meets an accident while jogging in the park and now requires regular physical therapy. While she is able to send him to the hospital daily, this also increases the risk of reinjury as he has to travel to and from the hospital daily.


Hendra meets Raymond, the founder of E-FIT, a social enterprise that is a simple cost-effective solution for home-based physical therapy care – and introduces him to the team. Raymond, unfortunately, is not a physical therapist. This lack of qualification leads to struggles in convincing the hospital to adopt his solution.


Set in antiquated policies requiring numerous feedback and approvals before it is rolled out to its patients, the hospital refuses to adopt Raymond’s solution. Will the team and Raymond be able to convince them that the impactful change will be for the better?

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