Between Responsibility & Chasing An Idol, This Nun Loses The Plot


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As a nun, in a convent, Nirmala shouldn’t shouldn’t idolise. But she does: she’s a big fan of a celebrity who’s visiting the convent.

Behind the sisters’ backs, she keeps her obsession a secret and plays the role of an obedient servant.

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She isn’t able to rise above fanaticism and disconnect with the outside world.

She wants to be working closely with the celebrity, who’s visiting the convent for an event. But Nirmala’s happiness is cut short when the head nun reminds her that it should be Sister Philomena that she should be taking care of.

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With her dreams crushed, Nirmala feels that Sister Philomena is to be blamed. She makes sure that the Sister gets the message, and it’s not at all Sister or Christian-like. It was a pointless tragedy.

Watch ‘Virgin’ by Christo Tomy (India) on Viddsee:

Chisto’s film won Rajat Kamal (Silver Lotus) National Award For Best Debut Film of a Director in Non-Feature Section at the National Film Awards in India, Best Fiction Film at the First Frame International Students Film Festival, and the Best Student Film at the Bangalore International Short Film Festival.

It won Special Jury Awards at the National Students Film Festival in India, Kalpanirjhar International Short Fiction Film Festival and the Special Jury Award, Cinephile 2014, Annual International Film Festival.

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