Between The Girl & His Dream, His BFF Says – Go For The Dream.


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Yijie and Junking hid very little from each other.

When it came to the raw, unvarnished truths — grooming choices or career prospects — they tried to speak their mind without offending each other.

They’ve been friends since childhood, sharing pivotal growing pains together and backing each other up when the going gets tough.

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When Junking realised Yijie was exceptionally talented, he pushed Yijie to pursue his dreams.

He went all out to support Yijie – through conventional and unconventional methods.

But the small town could not offer him any opportunities. Yijie had to decide: abandon his girlfriend, leave the small town, and risk all for his dreams?

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Junking said, go; Yijie hesitated.

But he knew Junking was right, because he would only want the best for him.

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