Did You Know That Blackened And Filed Teeth Is A Beauty Ideal?


Blaan-women-Black-teeth ss2

We are taught that having a set of gleaming white teeth is a sign of confidence and advantage.

But for the Blaan women in Mindanao, white teeth is a ridiculous notion.


For centuries, their ideal is to have black teeth!

This Blaan woman, Sinsin, shares a beauty regime she’s had since the age of eight: not just black teeth, but also sharpened and filed teeth!

And since teeth are a status symbol to the tribe, they take pride in the practice. It’s also the women’s link to the past and their cultural identity.

As she demonstrates the ritual, we get a glimpse of their upland community and how close it is to nature.

Here’s Sinsin talking about her black and filed teeth:

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Sinsin and her friends know that modernity will creep up on the younger generation, many of whom have white teeth, but they hope to keep the tradition alive themselves.

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