A Father Finds Beauty From His Family’s Painful Legacy


Bliss SS3 KRK

His mum wanted everything.

His dad couldn’t give her what she wanted.

Nick’s parents struggled to find their own happiness. His unemployed dad beat him up, and his mum escaped reality in a haze of drugs.

Bliss SS2 KRK

He confronts the pain of his childhood as he starts his own family and goes through the sale of his old home.

He learns that sacrifices, pain, and compromise are all part and parcel of family life.

Bliss SS1 KRK

If happiness came at a cost, his family sure paid dearly for it. As a father now himself, he tries to understand what his parents fought for.

Here’s how he crafted beauty out of a painful legacy.

Watch ‘Bliss’ by Liang Xuan (Singapore) on Viddsee:

‘Bliss’ was nominated for seven awards at the 3rd Singapore Short Film Awards.

Liang Xuan is a photographer-turned-director, and this is his first film.

Here’s another insightful short film on a parent’s love, ‘The Promise’ by Clayton Lai, a heartwarming story about a widowed father and his son

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