Sticks And Stones May Break Her Bones, But Revenge Will Keep Her Going


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Her sisters were angels, divine beings chosen to fight in the war against the vampires. They went missing ten years ago, and she has since spent every waking moment of her life tracking them down.

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Now she’s here, in the lair of the vampire who took her sisters from her. A sick man who makes a sport out of killing angels, who displays what’s left of his victims in a macabre tableau.

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The vampire gloats at her anguish, at her loss. But she’s no angel. She’s just someone who will do anything to get her sisters back, even if it means doing things that are decidedly unangelic.

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‘Bloodtraffick’ won Best Short, Best Editing, and Best Cinematography at the Salty Horror International Film Festival, Best Actress at HollyShorts Film Festival, and numerous other awards.

It was also an official selection at Fear Fete Horror Film Festival, Viscera Film Festival, Stiletto Film Fest, San Diego Asian Film Festival, and many more.

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