Her Love Gave Him Courage To Stand Up To The Bullies



“I fell”, Hyun Bum tried to explain his bruises to Joonie, his childhood friend.

“Into whose fist?” She asked.


There was no point in hiding it. The bullies had beaten him black and blue and Hyun Bum was too weak to fight back.

Everyone knew it. Even the school guard called him a loser.


But Joonie was different. She liked him for who he was. She liked him in spite of his cowardice. He was not used to kindness.

And that unleashed the beast hiding inside him.


She was the only good thing going on in his life. But the bullies couldn’t bear that. They tried to ruin this too. He reached his breaking point.

Nobody saw this coming.

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‘And The Sun’ won the NSI Brian Linehan Actors Award for Kwak Ji-Min who played Joonie. Check out more of Korean-Canadian director Samuel Keihoon Lee’s works here.

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