A Boy With A Fertile Imagination Is Viddsee Shortee Oct 2016


Joshua Viddsee Shortee ss1 FI krk.jpg

Joshua kissed a girl and didn’t like it. But he’s ready for marriage.

It was a complete accident, and Lili freaked out. Word was going around school that that kiss led to pregnancy, and Lili was upset and feeling nauseous.

Joshua Viddsee Shortee ss6 krk.jpg

The whole experience let Joshua shaken, but he was determined to be responsible for the circumstances. The enterprising young man made a tidy sum among his classmates selling marbles, and his savings would see them through.

Joshua Viddsee Shortee ss3 krk.jpg

He was committed. But first, he had to tell his mum…

Watch ‘Joshua’ by Alvin Ardiansyah (Indonesia) on Viddsee:

Directed By: Alvin Ardiansyah
Written By: Hafizh Lutfhirahaman
Produced By: Diabetes Picture
Edited By: Rolando Barail
Sound Designer: Achadiat Wahyu

Director of Photography: Benz Gerry W J
Production Designer: Cathlin Gracia
Set & Props: Vinsensius Sutjonong
Actors: Jonathan Valentinto (Joshua), Dherya Monic (Lili)

‘Joshua’ is the most-watched, most-loved short film last month, and it’s our October 2016 Viddsee Shortee!

For filmmakers: Submit your film here to stand a chance at being the next Viddsee Shortee!

Watch last month’s Viddsee Shortee winner ‘Fervent Wish’ by Kim Legaspi (Philippines) on Viddsee, about a guy’s encounter with a mysterious girl in a lake

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