This Boy Fired Up Home, Hearth & Heart For His Mum, With Firecrackers!


Wonder Boy SS1

Clancy is pressured to live two ways: to be an Australian and to be Chinese.

His mother is a Chinese immigrant. She speaks Chinese, cooks Chinese food, and is still very much Chinese than Australian.

He’s at an age where fitting in is his top priority. Learning “foreign” customs might just leave him vulnerable to his natural environment.

Wonder Boy SS4

Clancy is not affected by her persuasion, nor does he have any interest in the culture.

Their circumstances cause a drift between them: One wants to adapt, one is content to with the status quo. This becomes more obvious at the dawn of Chinese New Year as they both live like strangers in their own home.

Wonderboy SS3

But Clancy gets a strange sighting one evening. He starts to grow interested about the tradition and leaves a blasting surprise at her mother’s front porch.

It’s his way of making amends, to patching things up. The house is not yet a true home, but at least they won’t be complete strangers to each other anymore.

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Corrie’s film has screened in Australia, the US, Malaysia, the UK and it Germany. It won awards at the International Chinese Film Festival, Colourfest Film Festival, World of Women Festival, Bayside Film Festival, and at the Asians on Film Festival.

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