These Boys Play A Game Of “War” And Take It Too Far


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It got way too real.

War is serious. But these young boys discuss it like the latest episode of their favorite cartoon, casually and with a few jokes in between.

They picked a perfect spot to talk and play. It is the ruins of a building hit by the most recent encounter between rebel and government troops. The boys find something in the rubble that spike their interest.

It’s a true war memento, a bullet.

I Am Malik ss2 krk

When the conversation is over, it’s back to playing with guns for the boys. But the stakes are higher, whoever kills the other first gets the souvenir.

They took their game too far, to the point of no return.

Watch ‘I Am Malik’ by Xeph Suarez (Philippines) on Viddsee:

This story is set in Zamboanga City after the standoff in 2013 between the forces of the Republic of the Philippines and a faction of the Moro National Liberation Front led by Habier Malik.

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