These Boys Won’t Stop Bullying Enzo



Each day is a living hell for Enzo. Geronimo leads a squad of bullies in their school, and Enzo has been singled out for relentless torture. There is no help or solidarity in sight — not even from the teachers.


The harassment doesn’t just end within school walls, and the boys continue to bully him at all hours, in all spaces. Anything that gives Enzo misery is fair game. Damian appears to readily follows Geronimo’s plan, but it leaves him feeling conflicted. Still, why be the prey when you can be the predator?


When the boys realise Enzo receives more attention from girls than they do, their rage takes an uglier turn. The stage is set for Damian to show Enzo his place.


Now Damian has to confront not just Enzo, but the darkness within himself. This is a reckoning that will be paid in blood.

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