Bride-To-Be Tries To Escape Marriage; Falls Into A Rabbit Hole


Televisnu SS4

The human psyche is vast, complex and full of mystery. It encapsulates human experiences and the inner self – both of which manifests themselves in our dreams.

Mira is a young Indian call center agent going about her day when her computer breaks down. In an attempt to fix it, she crawls underground to get to the main computer system.

Televisnu SS6

Little did she know that this was only the beginning of roller coaster dream-like adventure.

At every turn in this journey, she is faced with her life’s biggest issue at every turn: her (impending) arranged marriage.

Televisnu SS3

Like dreams, the film is lush with bizarre, sometimes disorienting imagery that carry hidden meanings seamlessly blended into the background. The strangeness is manifested in a television, a Hindu god or Mira’s dad’s image.

She does find some enlightenment in the end.

Watch ‘Televisnu’ by Prithi Gowda:

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Oh and did we mention a really hip soundtrack to match the psychedelics?

‘Televisnu’ by Prithi Gowda premiered at South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival at Austin. It has screened in 14 other film festivals worldwide.

It won the Audience Award for Best Short at the South Asian Int’l Film Festival, The Linda Mabalot New Directors/New Visions Award at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival. It was also a finalist at the New York University’s First Run Film Festival.

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