Three Friends Broke Into A “Cursed” House. Now It Won’t Let Them Leave.


Three different parties converge in a haunted house on a dark night.


The story begins with Kathir, Kaaviya and JK, a scheming trio scouting for a venue for their upcoming Halloween party.

They chance upon an old bungalow with just the right spooky atmosphere for their planned festivities.


It unwittingly becomes the site of this night of horrors.

On the other side of town is Arjun, a policeman haunted by his guilt from his last case.


He couldn’t help but feel there was more to the troubled young woman and her violent outburst.

With the arrival of a strange witness, he learns that his instincts are spot on.


And thus the final puzzle in this horror mystery falls into place.

As the untold story of a careful seduction and a thoughtless lover unfurls, all their sins come to light.


And thus, their punishment was served.

Watch ‘Jeevi’ by Kannan Vijayakumar (Singapore) on Viddsee:

‘Jeevi’ won an award at the Singapore Tamil Short Film Festival.

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