To Build A Full Life, They Found A Haven Within These Spaces


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A sense of space can take place in two realms: physical and mental. While one is the environment you are surrounded by, the other is the space that rests in the mind. Within the right space, both forms can provide a feeling of safety and freedom. Documentary photographer Mindy Tan shares two stories of how Madam Cheong and Daryl were able to find safe spaces for themselves.

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What Makes A Home?

Madam Cheong lives at the AWWA Senior Community Home. With no siblings, children or relatives and after the death of her second husband, the Home is her family and her life, a space where she is surrounded by a community, love and camaraderie.

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Life Beyond The Mental Cage

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When you feel caged in by your own mind, it’s hard to find freedom beyond that. But with support and acceptance, mental health recovery can come from within.

How do you build a safe haven for your thoughts?

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Despite having bipolar, Daryl reaches out and helps others in any way he can, staying aware of what life has to offer.

To truly understand the help needed for the less fortunate, the whole community needs to take the first step together.

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