A Bullied Boy Hires A Murderer To Put An End To His Misery. And Classmates.


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This scrawny kid was never going to win. So he outsourced the job.

Lin is a mistreated, angry young kid who lives with his single mum. He’s bullied mercilessly by his classmates, who mock him for his shortcomings, and for his father’s unfortunate death at the railway tracks.

His reached out to his teacher, with a $100 bill with ‘help’ scrawled on it. Then he reached out to a roadside vendor, with a wad of cash.

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Somebody had his back, and this guardian angel delivered.

There was no knowing how much it would cost. But it got shut it down.

Watch ‘Fleshly Meat Pies’ by Yao-sheng Chang and Kassey C.M. Huang (Taiwan) on Viddsee:

‘Fleshly Meat Pies’ won Best Actor of Student Film at the Golden Harvest Award in Taiwan.

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