The Bullies Could Break His Wheelchair, But Never His Spirit



They called him Loser Leg.

Giovanni was born without bones in his legs. His disability made him the target of his classmates, who made it a sport out of tying him to structures.


Though he kept a positive outlook, there was no denying that the bullying got to him.

He tried to carry on normally, even developing a secret crush on a girl in his class.


Rose was his polar opposite; shy, but with powerful legs, well known for her prowess in track and field athletics.

They’d never spoken a word to each other, but on one fateful day, she confronts Giovanni’s bully and yells three words at him.


It turns out; she’d been watching him as much as he’d been spying on her.

It was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Watch ‘Loser Leg’ (Gamba Trista) by Francesco Filippi (Italy) on Viddsee:

‘Loser Leg’ is part of the Sedicicorto International Short Film Festival. View more Italian short films here.

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