Bullying Doesn’t End With School. It Stays With You For Life.



To this day, he hates pork chops. To him, they represent hatred, meanness, and the ugly memories of the bullying he faced in school, when the bullies christened him ‘Pork Chop’.


It was not just him though. They picked on many, but mainly the weakest of the herd — the one with the birthmark on her face, the one with the weight issues, the one who was already suffering from depression.


Facing bullying is hard. And even harder is to shake it away and move on. The harsh words, the violence, the memories — they never really go away.

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‘To This Day’ is an animation set to a poem by Shane Koyczan who experienced personal trauma with bullies in school. You can read the poem here. More about Shane’s work can be found on his website.

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