A Business Graduate Learns The True Value Of A $1000 Bill



Jiamin is having a crisis of confidence. Being unemployed in Singapore is dreadful. All she’s doing now is helping out her Ah Gong, who runs a small cash-only sundry shop.


Ah Gong’s business hardly seems fit for a business graduate like herself. To add to her growing shame, when Jiamin is recognised by a peer, she knows it won’t be long before vicious gossip of her inadequacies begin circulating.


It’s business as usual until a dishevelled man shuffles in — handing over a $1,000 note in exchange for a cheap bar of soap.


Is it a counterfeit note? How could a man who looks like him have so much money?


Jiamin doesn’t trust the money, or the man. She’ll rather bargain her way out of this, but he’s having none of it.


Sometimes, change must come from within before we can see the true value of people and things.

Watch ‘Cash Only’ by Michael Tay (Singapore) on Viddsee:

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