He Took In A Thieving Street Kid. They Found A Warmness In Their Hearts, Long Lost.


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When Yue caught the pickpocket, he didn’t account for the fact that by removing that thief off the streets, he was also removing a single father from the arms of his only son. As a retired cop, it was second nature for Yue to react to crime, not the repercussions that came with this moral dilemma.

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He decides to take the boy, Dong Dong, home, acting as his caretaker while awaiting the thief’s release. It’s an uphill battle dealing with this resentful petulant boy. Dong Dong speaks to him in quiet hateful stares and steals his money. But on the other hand, Dong Dong’s continuous harassment from gang members and harsh living conditions presses his protective and sympathetic buttons.

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As he gets closer to the boy, he is faced with his own past, the family that he had, and the son who left him behind. On the eve of Chinese New Year, a festival celebrating familial ties, Yue finally finds peace and redefines his meaning of family, with Dong Dong by his side.

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Watch ‘Together’ (小偷儿) by Zhu Siyi (China) on Viddsee:

‘Together’ has traveled across a range of film festivals in China and garnered some awards which include Best Script at the 1st CHSFF Hollywood Chinese Short Film Festival, Best Actor at the 2014 Tudou Festival, Best New Director at the 1st CCTV China (Hangzhou) International Micro-Film Festival.

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