Call Centre Harasses Dead Man For Unpaid Phone Bills. This Killed Us.


Dead_Man_Calling_SS2 KRK

Not all debts are paid off when you’re dead.

This guy lies peacefully in a coffin at his funeral when his phone calls. It’s a debt collector from his phone company.

His mistake: he answered the call, admitted to his identity, and went with the drill.

Talk about persistence! They certainly didn’t let him go easy.

Watch ‘Dead Man Talking’ on Viddsee Buzz:
This irreverent ad was created for the Consumer Education Research Centre in India by DDB Mudra Group in Mumbai.

Here’s another fictitious but very believable story about trying to beat the system. Watch ‘Palak’ by Jaka Triadi, about a school kid who gets schooled on bribery, extortion, and playing the system.

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