Can Greed Lead A Friend To Murder Another? Watch This Chilling Tale.


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Sharing is caring? Not when it comes to gold.

Bodong had found the river of gold that he and his friend Alec had heard about, but he wasn’t ready to share.

When Alec asked him about it, Bodong lied to his friend’s face. He wanted it all to himself.

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It was his little secret.

The gold was real, the supply was endless, the money was big. Friendship didn’t figure in the equation at all.

But Alec was getting suspicious. He tailed Bodong one day and found it all — the secret, the gold, the betrayal.

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The confrontation didn’t end well.

Watch ‘Pasuon’ by Bryan Jimenez (Philippines) on Viddsee:

‘Pasuon’ won Best Cinematography and Best Picture at the 10th Mindanao Film Festival.

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