Can Love Transcend Race, Religion And Fate? What Would You Compromise?


Cinta SS1 FI

Just loving each other isn’t enough for them.

Love is always complicated, but theirs is complicated beyond what they can control.

An Indonesian Chinese man and a Muslim woman are deeply in love with each other, but it will take everything they believe in.

Cinta SS2

He’s about to propose to Siti. It’s not just about getting the family’s consent to get her hand in marriage, or religious conversions.

They both have more hurdles ahead.

This story is set in modern day Jakarta where wounds from Indonesia’s historical persecution of ethnic Chinese are still raw.

Cinta SS4

Neighbourhood kids taunt and hurl racial slurs at him. His father is consumed by bitterness from the 1998 racial riots, and gives him an ultimatum.

They both have to make a choice about what they believe in — what unites them, or what makes them different.

Cinta SS3

Here are the two sides of this interfaith romance.

Watch ‘CINtA’ by Steven Facius Winata (Indonesia) on Viddsee:

The film’s title means ‘love’ in Indonesian.

The irregular capitalisation of ‘CINtA’ is a play on the word ‘cina’, regarded a derogatory term for ethnic Chinese in Indonesia (the word ‘chokin’ also has similar connotations).

‘CINtA’ screened and competed at film festivals in Germany, France, Ethiopia, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, and in Indonesia.

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