Can Money Buy A Little Girl’s Innocence For A Night? Her Sister Decides.


Hmong Sisters SS1 KRK

This East-Meets-West tale has a grim ending.

Money is attractive, and to get money, you have to be attractive. Mu is 13, and she is coached by her older sister, Paj, about tourists visiting their village. “The cuter we are, the more they buy.”

The Vietnamese sisters are talking about convincing Western tourists who visit their village to buy things from them.

Hmong Sisters SS2 KRK

They find their customer in American tourist Jackson who agrees to go with them and experience the traditional way of life in their village.

But that night Jackson makes a strange proposal to Paj. It is indecent, immoral, and unethical – at least for Paj. This wasn’t what she wanted for her sister.

Hmong Sisters SS3 KRK

Will she give him what he is asking for? Or is there a way out?

Watch ‘Hmong Sisters’ by Jeff Wong (Vietnam) on Viddsee:

‘Hmong Sisters’ was featured at a multitude of film festivals, in Canada, the US, Europe and in Asia.

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