Cancer Took Her Hair Away. Is She Still Beautiful?


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She was so beautiful when she had hair.

Her journey was not an easy one — she’s a fighter, a survivor.

And yet, there is something she fears. The looks her bald head will get when she steps out in public.

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This is her first day back at work, and she’s nervous. Hesitant and full of doubt, she steps into the office, bracing herself for the looks people might give her.

Her colleagues gather around her, slowly.

Can bald be beautiful, can bald be brave?

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This film is a salute to cancer survivors.

It was created by the beauty and skin care brand Dabur in India.

The act of the dots being placed near her eyebrow signifies warding away of negative energy. It is usually done when someone looks so beautiful that you want to keep evil eyes away from them.

The background song ‘Tu faulad hai, tu hai phool’ means ‘You are steel, you are a flower’, signifying the mental strength that women possess, in spite of being physically delicate.

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