He’s A Cannibal, But He’s Trying To Quit. Cold Turkey.


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Adam is a cannibal, but he’s trying to quit. He needs to stop killing people week after week to feed his monstrous appetite.

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But it’s hard to quit a bad habit, especially when you’re literally going cold turkey. His body rejects everything he ingests, try as he might to keep it down.

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As the days go by, hunger, malnutrition, and withdrawal make his life a living hell. His body is beginning to disintegrate, and so is his mind. He’s spiralling out of control. Cannibal or not, a man’s got to eat…

Watch ‘Cold Turkey’ by Fannar Thor Arnarsson (Iceland/United States) on Viddsee:

‘Cold Turkey’ won Best Student Film at the New Jersey International Film Festival, Best Horror Short Film at Filmmakers Al Chiostro, Audience Favorite at Film Dayton Festival, and more.

It was also an official selection at HollyShorts Film Festival, Fright Night Film Festival, DragonCon Film Festival, and many more.

Find out more about the film here.

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