We Want The Ideal Love, But Won’t Work For It. Why?


Why is finding love so difficult?

Speak to as many people on earth, and you’ll get as many versions or definitions of love or reasons to love. We all want an ideal love but won’t work for it.

But would others pay for such a service?

A young daughter in a troubled home dreamt up the Love Shop, a place where her parents could find love again for each other. Now in her twenties, and newly orphaned, Alex is left with a legacy of love, pain, and baggage – her parents’ matchmaking service, Love Shop.

With this Viddsee Originals story idea conceived by Sean Ng of Amok, directors Mervyn Yap and Melvin Chan take on five episodes that break down how Alex (Sherly Devonne Ng) reconcile how she takes ownership of the legacy.

Watch ‘Love Shop – Episode 1: Love Shop’ by Melvin Chan (Singapore) on Viddsee:

For some of us, there’s Tinder. But if you don’t trust yourself on Tinder, there’s The Love Shop!

Alex is love’s biggest cynic. Her partner-in-crime is a self-proclaimed Cupid, Aunt Wong (Adeline Yee), who walks her through the business of matchmaking.

Can she sell something she doesn’t believe in?

Watch ‘Love Shop – Episode 2: First Dates’ by Melvin Chan (Singapore) on Viddsee:

Are we all just playing characters on a first date? We’re told to just ‘be ourselves’, but what if who we are is best when we’re pretending to be someone else?

We meet the colourful best friend, Felicia (Shelia Tan), who takes advantage of her contacts to stalk (“research”) a prospective partner, who is, of course, The One, because she’s made herself The One to him.

Watch ‘Love Shop – Episode 3: Types’ by Mervyn Yap (Singapore) on Viddsee:

The cynic rears her head, and it’s only because she’s a perfectionist. Or, as her best friend describes it, “a love snob”. But why is it so wrong to strive for ideals?

Or, even have your mum help make the choice for you in your love life, as we see in Leonard, one of Alex’s clients?

Watch ‘Love Shop – Episode 4: The One’ by Mervyn Yap (Singapore) on Viddsee:

We’re all guilty of stalking the ex, replaying scenes in our heads of what could have happened instead. What if the one who got away was The One who got away?

Is there still a point in finding love? When do you know you’re at the point of no return?

Alex slowly unravels here, to reveal the backstory behind her parents’ marriage break down and the origins of Love Shop.

Watch ‘Love Shop – Episode 5: Finale’ by Mervyn Yap (Singapore) on Viddsee:

What are the lies we tell ourselves to make love work? And what are the truths that hold true, at the moment?

Is it just enough, to just try to believe? Alex takes the first step in making it work.

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